⭐ Why is movement so important❓(different answer to what you might think) ⭐

Without movement, stagnation occurs and we can see this in many different contexts – the economy or a pond. Stagnation is defined as lack of activity, growth or development.

Often people will use the term use it or lose it, which is right in many senses. But movement when it comes to health can be much deeper then just making sure your just move.

It is said to maintain good spiritual health is a state of progression and personal growth.

Maintaining good muscle, joint, organ and bodily system health requires movement to maintain blood flow, oxygenation, nutrient delivery, cellular activity and detoxification processes + much more (obviously). However mindless movement alone won’t necessarily ensure we maintain these functions.

To ensure good health takes doing all the basics on a consistant basis. These basics include the following:

• Get in the Sun
• Connect with the Earth daily
• Eat organic non processed foods as fresh as possible
• Toxin free life (eg. removing toxic chemicals from your household goods)
• Exercise / Movement is essential
• Set your mind for performing at your best
• Quality Sleep is key
• High quality water is essential
• Vision for your future
• Self Reflection

For some this may seem like alot, but it might just be small adjustments to how you currently live your life that will make a material difference to your life, energy and ability to have fun and enjoy the most important things in life!

If you are interested in diving deeper into improving your health, we have a pain to performance course we are launching early September which includes coaching, education and specific programming to you (nutrition, mindset, vision and movement) and much more. No matter if you are wanting to recovery from an injury or trying to achieve a health goal, this is what we have designed this program for.
And even better, it can be done from the comfort of your home with our Peak Physiology app or online portal. Anyone who is super busy will definitely find this an easier and quicker way to look after your health.

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