5 health and fitness myths

There are many health and fitness myths going around …

Here are a common few we come across:

1. Children can’t do resistance exercise, it stunts their growth.

  • There are limits at the extremes of resistance based exercise, although generally it is safe. We do recommend gaining advise before commencing a program – so the program is specific for the person.

2. You are too old to exercise.

  • You are never to old for exercise, you may have limitations, so getting a specific exercise program to suit your needs may be important before getting started.

3. You can burn fat off a particular area of the body.

  • I am just as disappointed this one isn’t true, although we cannot control where our bodies burn fat from first. All we can do is control our calorie intake and physical activity.

4. You need to stretch before exercise

  • Stretching before exercise is not optimal for a warm up. Preferably, we should increase general blood flow – full body, body weight exercises. For example some squats, lunges, core activation work and cardio based exercise.
  • This will ensure our joints are warmed up and our stabilisation muscles have been activated before starting physical activity

5. No pain, no gain

  • It is certainly true that your health goals will take consistent work. But it does not have to involve pain. Exercising smart, that is specific to your needs and injuries can result in only muscle soreness and not your whole body aching afterwards.

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