Can a spinal disc injury be fixed?

In short yes, and it most likely will…

Studies have shown that depending on the type and severity of disc injury, if you got a scan in a years time, it would be healed and recovered.

See some statistics below for a literature review and recovery rates for spinal disc injury:

  • Spontaneous regression:
    • 96% for disc sequestration,
    • 70% for disc extrusion,
    • 41% for disc protrusion, and
    • 13% for disc bulging.
  • The rate of complete resolution of disc herniation:
    • 43% for sequestrated discs and
    • 15% for extruded discs
  • check out the study here – (

Often we have clients coming in who have been recommended surgery, and sometimes surgery is the best option, for example loss of bodily functions or complex neurological issues.

Otherwise conservative based treatment is the best option, exercise therapy for recovery of a disc injury.

Have a conversation with us, your doctor or specialist for more information if conservative exercise based treatment might be the best option for you.


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