Check out these progress photos

And not your normal kind of progress pics. When Scott began with Brock from Peak Physiology, he described struggling to do his work shoes up without lower back pain and at one point he was told he was going to need surgery on this exact injury.

And when you look at the photos, the changes in posture tells the storey:

▪️The before pictures (October) show rounded forward, forward head position, winged scapular and uneven shoulders.

▪️The after pictures (February) show upright posture, even shoulder height, neutral scapular, abdominal control and neutral head position.

ast forward a couple months and Scott was running 10+ kms, lifting more then his body weight on a barbell and could even tie his shoe laces pain free without any surgery, massage or medication. ?️‍♂️
With the right exercise rehab, you can achieve long term increases in quality of life.

If you are interested to see what results you can achieve send us a message to find out how our Exercise Physiologist could help you.

Because life can be so much better pain free!

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