Amy’s Counselling service

Amy’s mission is to inspire people to be their best self, so that Physical and Mental Health is improved for a better quality of life.

Our counselling service practices are non judgmental and a person-centered approach. Amy our fully qualified Counsellor is here assist you in areas of your life such as grief and loss, self esteem, drug and alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety, overwhelmed by feelings such as anger or resentment, gay or heterosexual, parenting or anything else you feel you are struggling with. Counselling refers to shorter term treatments and is designed to manage a specific problem, situation, symptom or life change. At Peak Physiology we approach your problem by focusing on your individual need.

A little bit about Amy,

To chose your Counsellor its very important to know a little bit about them so here is a quick spill on my life experience. I am 28 years of age married with a beautiful daughter, I have been working with people since the age of 15. I am a cancer survivor of Brain Cancer stage 4 that come with surgery and radiation therapy. Doctors had told me that I had a 20% chance of living. Here I am today 10 years later! After my surgery I had  to teach myself to walk again. Even though doctors told me i will never be able to, I proved them wrong. That is where my love for running and Pilates started. I have traveled and lived overseas and all around Australia I have worked and lived with all types of people and cultures. My passion is to help and inspire people, I feel I was given a second chance for a reason and this makes me live life to my fullest potential and helping as many people as I can along the way.

Amy is fully qualified with her Diploma Of Counselling.


Amy has an up-to-date Mental Health First Aid


New 2020 Prices 

These prices are on request.