To keep our members safe please read our COVID-19 Safety Plan. Our main priority here at Peak Physiology is to keep you healthy and safe, so please be advised of our plans and the rules required to attend our facility. 

  1. We must remain 1.5 metres apart at all times, social distancing is required. We have mats and equipment are 1.5 metres apart at all times.
  2. Stay home if you’re unwell, have a fever or respiratory symptoms. If a member turns up and is sick they will be sent home immediately. Please know we have a 4 hour cancellation policy so to give enough time.
  3. Upon entry and exit we have hand sanitizer for you to please use and strongly recommend washing your hands. We also have hand sanitizer throughout the studio and strongly recommend using it when possible.
  4. Please arrive a maximum of 5-10 minutes before a class to minamise traffic and when finished a class we kindly ask clients after equipment is wiped down to minamise chatting and hanging around. 
  5. If you have been to a COVID-19 hot spot in the last 14 days you will unfortunately not be allowed to attend a class or see our Exercise Physiologist until 14 days after the visit to the hot spot
  6. Please use our antibacterial wipes to wipe down all your equipment and mats after use, we strongly recommend purchasing equipment to bring along to your classes. We sell equipment in the studio if you are looking at purchasing your own.
  7. You must always wear socks in the studio and bring a towel, if you don’t have these you can not attend classes or Exercise Physiology Consults, we sell socks and towels in the studio if needed.
  8. Please limit your belongings you bring in and bring your own water bottle to the studio