Creative Things To Turn Into Pilates Props

During this time of isolation I have decided to write a blog on alternatives to equipment we use in Pilates. While props are not essential in Pilates it can make your practice a little more enjoyable if you have the support of a good resistance band, Pilates ball or block. So here are some ways you can improvise by taking common household items and turning them into props!

Let’s start with a resistance band, bands are great to help assist you in deeper stretches or adding onto the exercise to make it challenging. Alternatives you could use would be a stocking, tie, belt or even a towel.

For a Yoga Block which is used to put under your head or even help you get into the stretch a little more your alternatives could be a towel, a blanket, pillow or even a book! You can take a few books and wrap a towel around them, or if you have a shoe box you can fill it with something solid to keep it stable.

Weights  are a great add on to a class and are usually added in with upper body exercises, you can be creative with cans in your cupboard, bags of rice, long life milk or water jugs!

Small Pilates Balls are great for adding in harder abdominal exercises and great in glute work. Alternatives can be a kids ball, pillow or a towel.

Of course if you can get a chance to get the real thing then ideally it would be better but in the meantime here are some alternatives !

So here are a few options for you ! If you have anymore suggestions let us know! But get creative and make it fun.


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