Do want the benefit of exercise but you don’t like going to a gym?

Peak physiology facilitates people that want physical and mental change without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. We are a private centre with a supportive environment here to help you through your journey of physical and mental health improvement. And although we aren’t a large gym, we have equipped our facility with everything you could need to achieve whatever goal you have in mind. Whether it is improved quality of life, physical or mental health we cater for your needs by introducing Pilates and Yoga classes, Exercise Physiology treatment, Counselling, PT sessions and Workplace Health Services into the community.

Our classes are small intimate classes with a maximum of 9 people which means you get more one on one treatment. Each exercise you will be guided through and adjusted to make sure you are getting the most benefit you can out of your session. This will help prevent injury and ensure you are training your physical health optimally in a group class setting. Many of our clients have mentioned to us that when they have gone from doing one of our classes and then into a gym based class they incurred an injury and stopped going altogether.

Our Exercise Physiologist sessions are one on one in a private clinic, so there is no feeling like your surrounded by loads of people. Allowing you to focus on your rehabilitation, physical health and mental wellbeing. When you are going through a tough time and in your recovery, it is important that you can stay focused and not become overwhelmed by distractions going on around you. 

We also do online programing for you to suit your busy lifestyle, this is where you can work on your fitness in the comfort of your own home.

We would love to see anyone who likes the sound of our clinic to come down and join the community we are building around improving quality of life, physical and mental health.

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