Does posture really matter?? The new trend being spoken about – my take from experience

In recent times, various health professionals are sprouting that posture doesn’t matter and doesn’t increase pain or chance of injury…

I disagree, this thinking has come from studies on community association based results.

Without getting it the study to much I will quickly dive into what does matter in terms of injury risk or pain.

1. Conditioning – this is referring to your stability, strength and endurance in relation to a joint integrity firstly in a normal postural position, then once that has been mastered the progression can then be to train weak postural positions carefully to increase capacity in a weakened position.

Your body will only be able to react to a tension placed on the body (movement) that it has the conditioning to maintain integrity.

2. Neurological patterning – our bodies move mostly subconsciously, meaning how we move is an autonomic response. You’re posture will respond in the way you have taught it to move over years.

3. Any postural weakened joint integrity – if you have a muscle that has programed to not be strengthing a joint during movement and weakens over time, the joint is at risk of injury or causing a pain etc. One of the more common example is when people form a kyphotic thoracic Spine or rounded forward shoulder eventually develop shoulder Bursitis, a frozen shoulder or a rotator cuff injury.

So if you have great joint integrity and stability through a full range of motion and been conditioned to manage a load in various postural positions then posture won’t matter when moving for a short period of time.

I’m wondering if people who have this teain of thought missed the biomechanical or physics class at uni, but all jokes aside, don’t fall into the way of thinking that may put you at risk of injury.


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