Are you a Veteran who has an injury, health condition or your health is limiting your ability to live your life? 

A common trait we have noticed with our veterans we currently work with, is they have put off taking care of themselves for to long.

Is it time for you to take a step to look after yourself so you can show up for yourself, your family and friends?

We have a specific designed program for Veterans that is funded by DVA to help you with your specific needs. 

We understand being in the defence forces takes its toll on the body and mind. 

So to help you get back to living with less pain and increased function and overall quality of life we have put together a first of its kind veteran program. 

We are here to help and support you from where you are right now to how you ultimately want to live your life. Which might look like being able to play with your grandkids or just be able to do your yard work without to much limitations. 

We have designed this program to be convenient (can be done in person or remote), produce quick results, easy to use and for eligible white or gold card holders.  This program is all inclusive and a one stop shop for your wellbeing. 


So what is included (eligible white and gold card holders):

Weekly one on one treatment sessions with Exercise Physiologist

Tailored programs specific to you (including nutrition, movement and mental wellbeing)

Accountability check-ins

Health decision making support

Access veteran to wellbeing community

Health Fundamentals education course (to do at your own pace)

24/7 phone support


Access to our online portal that includes Pilates, yoga, meditation plus much more

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE - so don't wait and reach out to us today to secure your spot!

Veteran Success Stories

We have spent the last several years working daily with veterans on their health goals and have some great stories where our clients have made positives changes to their lives.  See some of their stories below

So how do I know if I am eligible for the program?

If you can answer yes to the 2 points above, you may be eligible for the program to be claimed through your gold or white card through the DVA system. All you will need is the referral from your doctor. If you answered no to the points above, still reach out as there is still other ways we can help. 

Want to register your interest or request a call back? Fill out the form below

Mobile number

Alternatively give me a call or message on 0434430945

Why we can help you

We have worked with Veterans now several years & made it our priority to become experts at helping veterans. You will be working with qualified Exercise Physiologist who has done a minimum 4 year university degree and we have continued our education on how to grow our skills to provide our clients more value and better treatment. 

Peak Physiology is focused on a holistic care model, we understand everyone is different and has different needs. We also understand that to make real sustainable change, treatment also needs to be don in a holistic health way, considering nutrition, movement and mindset to achieve our overall goals.