Dynamic stretching – hip opener

Looks like a squat – but it’s not

Stretching done differently, to achieve you functional goals, stretching dynamically allows you to integrate and stretch you muscles in safe postures and gradually pushing into new ranges of motions for that particular joint

I am stretching by using a squat style motion, but the effect of any exercise is the intention put into the exercise, for dynamic stretching it is pushing the body safely into ranges of motion. To force the hips to open, I push my hips back and bring my torso more horizontal then a normal squat. I have also added weight into this exercise to allow gravity and stability muscles make the stretch a little harder.

The bonus is this allows the body to integrate and understand neurologically the safe limits of movement when going about normal life.

The take away, remember the intention you are putting behind your exercises to get the greatest benefit.
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Video below:


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