Easing lower back pain

Lower back pain is very common, approximately 80% of Australian adults will experience at least 1 episode of lower back pain. Most of the time even though it can be very painful it is not caused by serious injury or disease and will ease with some care and a exercise programme is a big aspect to this. Although in some cases Lower back injuries can be serious, such as tissue (muscle, ligaments) and joint damage.

In either case, the pain can be managed with a systematic approach:

  1. Identify cause of pain
  2. Assess current functioning level
  3. Follow an exercise treatment plan
    • Stage 1 – increase range of motion
    • Stage 2 – increase strength
    • Stage 3 – increase balance and stability
    • Stage 4 – performance specific
  4. Return to your normal life

If there is one thing to take away is where possible maintain low impact exercise that does not increase pain – such as walking or riding a stationary bike. Making sure you stay active will aid your recovery, even when the inclination of most people is to rest, where possible try and stay active.

If you are suffering from lower back pain and not sure where to go from here, get in contact with us and we can develop a treatment plan to take you from pain to the performance you need in life.

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