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Winter Solstice
Yin Yoga, Ceremonial Cacao, Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing

Winter Solstice

Bringing light into the darkness and warmth into the season of winter

with: Amy McInerney


June 19th





Peak Physiology 

Tickets to this event can be transferred but cannot be refunded. Maximum 11 people.

Winter solstice event
Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Sound Therapy & Cacao Ceremony
I’m bringing you an evening of reflecting inwardly with movement, meditation & mindfulness.
Winter is about hibernation, the energy of winter is yin energy which is slow and cold but in depth,
This event will be calming but also a little challenging as we go within, it will be about building resistance in the body and mind, it will be calm and uncomfortable but in the best way, as we will be releasing stored up emotions and energy going deeper to create space for the new
This will be a journey to honour the winter solstice, we will be bringing warmth into our hearts and opening our hearts with the beauty of plant medicine of Ceremonial Cacao this is all the way from a small village in Peru 
The movement will be slow and deep as we work through our connective tissue, fascia, bones and ligaments, we will be emodying a full body experience where we put our minds to rest with Yoga Nidra, this is 20-30 minutes long and equivalent to 4 hours sleep. When you think you can’t feel any more relaxed you will lay there in bliss listening to 7 Singing bowls that will open up your 7 main chakras and cleanse your entire energetic system. 
Let’s bring light into the darkness and warmth into the season of winter
What our Winter Solstice event will look like.
I have put together a mini itinerary for you to see what the event is all about! I’m almost half booked so if you’re interested book your ticket soon.
What the evening will look like:
  • Welcome, cleansing tea
  • Pranayama, setting intentions
  • Cacao Ceremony – Ceremonial Cacao from a small village in Peru
  • Meditation
  • Yoga flow, this will be a faster paced yoga to move the cacao through the body, cacao loves meditation and movement so we will indulge in yoga poses to create warmth and light into the body, perfect for our winter Solstice.
  • Yin yoga, we will finish our movement with Yin yoga, it will feel cooling and relaxing after our yoga flow this is where we really start to go deeper into the body to experience going inward and experiencing what winter is all about, hibernation and moving slow to protect our chi (energy).
  • Yoga Nidra, means yogic sleep, if you haven’t tried this before then you’re in for a treat! 20 minutes of yoga Nidra is equivalent to 4 hours sleep. Once your movement has come to an end and you are laying in savasana that’s when the Yoga Nidra begins.
  • Sound Bath, we will finish the journey with a sound bath. 7 chakra Crystal Quartz bowls, a shamanic drum, ocean drum, chimes and a juju will be played for you as you lay in a relaxed state, this will cleanse your entire energetic system, you can journal if you like through this time too!
Let’s bring light into the darkness and warmth into the season of winter.
Includes a gift from me to you 🤎
Tickets can be transferred but are non refundable.