Finding purpose

Finding purpose in your life is like the everlasting battery to your life energy and is something I don’t believe most people would have put a great deal of thought to.

First find purpose in your life in general and then finding purpose in all the little things you do in life too. Purpose generally comes from a responsibility, for example, a parents Purpose to going to work is generally to provide for their family and give them all they need.

But how can someone could take this sort of energy and put it into your day to day goals. The key is taking ownership and responsibility for their actions, regardless of how big or small. Taking ownership of each decision you make consciously or not, everything is a choice. When you take ownership for your choices, you will then be able to take responsibility for your solutions and ultimately give purpose in all aspects of your life.

The action of ownership over choices takes someone out of a victim mentality which will assist you mental, physically and spiritually.

Secondary to finding purpose and taking ownership you need to then use that energy and inspiration to take action and move a thought into motion. When someone follows this process consistently, progression and personal success is just then just a by product


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