Have you just accepted your pain or health condition as part of your life? 3 things to work on to help change this.

Pain injuries or chronic health conditions dosnt need to be always a forever thing.

Just a couple of weeks back I was speaking with a client who was just recently diagnosed with a chronic health condition (type 2 diabetes) which is a lifestyle related disease. The medical services who diagnosed her told her that now they have thw disease forever. And for most people, because a doctor has said it’s a life long disease, most people accept this as something that is irreversible. This is just not true.

The thing with this client is their blood sugars on a three month average was only just above the level that is classed as Diabetic. Meaning if action is taken with lifestyle factors – healthy whole foods diet and movement you can reverse an elevated blood sugar level.

3 tips to change your health condition, injury or pain.

1. So the first point I want to make is to try not to identify with you injury or health condition. This is definitely not easy, but saying I am a Diabetic affirms. Instead acknowledge that there is a problem to manage and the solutions will become clearer and the focus will be on improvement not just living with the issues – seemingly for life.

2. To heal help with recovery for any pain injury or health condition, a whole foods nutritious diet is always a must aspect. Feeding the body with whole foods, organic and fresh where ever possible gives the body the ability to run well and reduce inflammation.

3. Movement of course is our third top tip for making positive changes to your pain, injury or health condition. The movement needs to involve firstly some activities you can manage to do that is enjoyable, but also it is important to have specific exercise and movement therapies that improve your Physiology (bodily function).

It’s always a difficult time when you are managing a health issue. But don’t take this as a forever thing, thing can get better and you can live a life like you want to, it might just take some work and discipline.

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