Home work out you can do any time any where!

If you are struggling for motivation during this time and want a simple way to do some exercise beyond a walk?

Try this work out below:

  1. 10 x squats to a chair
  2. 20 x step ups
  3. 10 x push ups (to the kitchen bench if the door is to difficult)
  4. 20 x seconds on each leg – single leg balance
  5. 10 x deadbugs
  6. 20 x single leg lifts (laying on your back)
  7. 10 x horse kicks

Complete this circuit 2-3 times

For someone looking for a more difficult workout at home:

  1. 50 x squats
  2. 40 x step ups – high step
  3. 30 x resistance band row
  4. 20 x lunges
  5. 10 x push up

Complete this circuit 3-4 times

Give these a try and let us know how you go.

Please consult with your doctor or an exercise physiologist if you have any injury or chronic disease.


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