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Our advanced rehabilitation system takes clients from pain to performance​.

The Peak Physiology system is a unique rehabilitation and conditioning program. Our system is unique not just in the methods used but with our 5 level system that we have developed. 

Is pain, injury or chronic disease keeping you from living life to its fullest? But don’t have the time to do something for yourself?

This is why we created the 5 level system and made it available online. We want to empower people to live their life they have always wanted to live. And anyone who has been through a injury or chronic disease knows how valuable being free to live life on your own terms really is.

I have been through this process myself. After years of training and thinking I knew what I was doing, it was all thrown into the air when I snapped my ACL, MCL and went under the knife with a knee reconstruction.

After the frustration of standard treatment methods and limited useful information online I took this into my own hands to learn all about my body, how it worked and now perform even better despite having and injury. 

The interesting thing I found when I began testing my methods on clients was the 5 Level System worked on them also when the principles were applied to their injuries.

Each level is establish to give you clear functional goals to achieve so you can increase your physical capacity.

Check out the graph bellow to see the basic steps of the systems.

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Who is providing you with a program?

Brock McInerney - Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Brock is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with ESSA. Brock has completed a Master in Clinical Exercise Physiology and has a passion for helping people go from living with pain, injury or chronic disease to living the life they have always wanted to live.

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We have designed packages to suit all levels of commitment.

Thus allows everyone to have access to rehabilitation services.