How Pilates kept me fit throughout pregnancy and after a c-section

Before falling pregnant I was running 10 km everyday,training weights and doing my Pilates classes at least 2 times a week. When I fell pregnant I kept running all the way up until 20 weeks(this was ok as I was running for years prior to falling pregnant) Around 20 weeks I was told to stop as I was in so much pain with what they call round ligament pain. This is when your ligament starts stretching so much due to the baby growing and let me tell you it was very painful. So I swapped all my running for Pilates. I did Pilates everyday, it helped me stay strong throughout the rest of my pregnancy and because I was a teacher I could do my own classes every morning in the comfort of my own home. At 40 weeks on the morning of my c section 79 kilos.

The recovery was long, painful and hard. I started doing really small Pilates exercises around 2-3 weeks postpartum. Here I weighed 66 kilos.

3 weeks Postpartum

Then when I built my strength up enough by 8 weeks pp I was doing 2-3 classes a week. It was great for me as I could just do these at home having a newborn and all. Around 4 months PP I started Barre Attack classes which is a low impact high intensity class, this was also great for me as I wanted the challenge like I got with running but without the impact! By 5 months I was back to my original weight before the baby weighing 59 kilos.

6 Months Postpartum

I currently do 3 classes of Barre Attack, 3 Pilates classes a week and I try and walk every day (purely to get my baby to sleep as sometimes it’s the only way to get her to sleep!) The last few weeks I have started with weights again but thats been very slow.

This was such an amazing transformation for me! I couldn’t believe that I have gotten the same results as I got from running as I have now but all my exercises now being low impact! So safe to say when I get older there will be less injuries! I truly believe it was very hard and long recovery after the c section and I’m still on the recovery journey but I couldn’t even begin to  imagine what it would of been like without Pilates!

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