How to improve your health: a wholistic approach

When we talk about improving health, you could find 101 “scientifically” proven methods to improve this or that. Which some have some value and their place for sure. But when you consider health, it is very complex and beyond the scientific understanding. In saying this the way to improve your health can be put into one simple principle:

The way to good health is living as close to nature as possible.

And what does this mean?

It means when is comes to your diet, is everything you ate eating organic and free from processed foods. Is your water as close to what you would find in the nature. Or is it full of various chemicals. Are you moving your body, are you being out doors and planting your feet into the earth.

And the examples could go on to all facets of life. How in synch can you make your life with nature? Everything is energy and having an energy that aligns with nature will increase your life quality and reduce your chances of DISease.

The reason why following science can be beneficial however limited is because it does not consider the whole. Because thr nature of science is reducing something down and isolating it and studying it very specifically. Which can help us understand an aspect of our bodies or life, but is somewhat irrelevant when not held up to the whole, whixh is the life we live. Which for science is a somewhat impossible task to understand the whole, it’s just to complex and synergistic, which breaks the bounds of sciences capabilities.

If you look at a tree, can you see the whole tree? And if you then zoomed into look at the bark on the tree can you understand the whole tree?

The answer to both questions is no.

And this is not a bash up on science, my degrees I have completed are in science based fields. I am just highlighting that to improve health over a long period of time, being in-sync with nature as it was intended, a healthy life will just be what happens.

So to consider the w-holistic approach to health you need to balance these 3 areas:

1. Body – physically what is put into the body and how the body is moved.

2. Mind – how balanced are your emotions and reactions, what is it that makes you happy and is this something that is pursued.

3. Spirit – the progression of self improvement. Working on the progressive improvement of one’s spirit is becoming more and more conscious of our thoughts and actions. Religion and community.

Wholistic health practitioner service is now provided at Peak Physiology, where we would love to support our clients improve their health by body, mind and spirit becoming harmonious with nature.

If you are interested in our wholistic health practitioner services please give us a message or call to find out more.

Brock McInerney

Balance in life is key to vitality

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