How to set a goal and actually achieve it!

We all know goal setting is important to achieve anything in life. But how commonly do we see people set out on a new path in life but rarely seem to stick to it and succeed.

From my experience in working with many clients the difference seems to be how meaningful that goal was to the person was the difference between success and failure. The goal had to match that persons belief and vision for how they would like to live their lives. They also had a responsibility for their actions and someone keeping them accountable.

So before we set a new goal in life we need to get clear on what our vision for how we would like to live first. think about the life you would want to live if you could do anything you like. A vision is like a compass for your own life, giving you a reference point to help you make choices on a day to day basis if you are in align with your vision or not.

The second thing we need to do is take personal responsibility rightly or wrongly for where we are in life so we can take control of our decisions and make a positive change in our lives. If everything is always someone else fault, you will never change.

Then it is important to complete the normal SMART goal formula to achieving your goals.

Take some time, make a vision for your life, take responsibility for your circumstances and make a change to make your life better!!

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