Is your patterns of movement causing you pain and injury?

Posture and the way you move is spoken about a lot, everyone knows to stand up straight and what good posture looks like.

But it’s not simply knowing how to have good posture or sometimes moving with good technique that will prevent injury.

The real benefit is when you change your movement defaults. And what I mean by a movement default is how you move when you are not thinking about how you are moving. Almost you could say the subconscious movement patterns. Generally when you have a reaction something where you move quickly, your movement pattern defaults come out the most. Also when commonly people describe this when they hurt their back or “pull their back out”.

The movement pattern defaults I look for are; bending, twisting, squatting, walking, pushing, pulling and lunge. All movement we do in a day can be defined by a combination of the listed movements. The key to preventing injury to to re-train the brain how to move safely in the fundamental movements.

My top tips to re-set your movement defaults:

  • Complete each movement fundamental with perfect technique
  • Complete the movement fundamentals repetitively, 1-2 times per day.
  • For example you could; hip hinge x 5, squat x 5, full body twist x 5, lunge x 5, reach x 5 and March in the spot x 20
  • Repeat regularly (1-3/day) – the more you do the better the result will be
  • The key is to complete the movements with perfect technique
  • If you can’t make the full range of motion in an exercise, just go to the level that is comfortable with you

If you have any questions on resetting your movement defaults, feel free to send us an email or message.


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