Maintaining routines

In times of change or disruption in life maintaining your normal routines is crucial to maintaining good mental health. Routine acts as some what of an anchor to your normal way of life.

During times of disruption and life changing times, sticking to the basics such as wake up times, hygiene, exercise, dietary habits and commitment to your responsibilities will prove to be the rock that gets you through tough times.

If you’re routines have not yet been developed, then a time of chaos is a great time to start small and build a routine. This will serve the same purpose in keeping you focused in times of change.

Me personally, I am doing what I can to not let these changing times give me an excuse to change the way I live and slack off on my daily routines that keep me building momentum in my life.

If you’re interested in my daily routine, it looks like this:

  • 0445 wake up
  • 0500 daily exerxise
  • 0600 walk
  • 0630 mindfulness and reflections
  • 0645
  • 0700 start work
  • 1000 morning snack
  • 1200 lunch
  • 1500 afternoon snack
  • 1530 finish work
  • 1600 Peak Physiology clients
  • 1800 dinner
  • 1900 relax/admin work
  • 2045 get things ready for the next day
  • 2100 get ready for bed

For me, keeping myself accountable to my routine and what I am focused on keeps me grounded through times of stress and change going on around me.

Let us know how you are getting through this tough time or how you have got through tough times in the past.


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