Neck Pain – This will be the next chronic issue our society could face.

Today, look around at a few people. Their heads are down looking at their phone or computer.

The trend I see in clinic on a daily basis is posture that emulates our previous ancestors. From the habits our society is developing this is a large contributor to this postural problem.

Now when looking at posture we are looking for an alignment from a side view of a persons; Ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle, we call this the plum line. This is not now common to see this “Plum Line” aligned as it should.

As a result our body has to over compensate and develop muscles that become weaker and muscles that become stronger. therefore creates tension on tendons, ligaments and joints that our body isn’t necessarily designed for.

To over come this problem, we need to be aware of correcting our postures so that our spine is straight, the plumb line is aligned and our muscles are working together and not against ourselves.

A good place to start…

To start, try these few exercises:

  • Door way chest stretch. Place your arms up in between a door frame, elbows and shoulders at the same height and gently step forward.
  • Dead bug. Lay on your back engage your core and lift an arm over your head whilst lifting your opposite leg. Then alternate for 10 reps.
  • Pillow holds. Laying in bed, push your head down into your pillow and hold for 10 seconds at a time.

And a final tip

Stop looking down at your phone so much…

Brock McInerney

Exercise Physiologist

B. Ex.Sp.Sc;  M. Clin. Ex. Phys

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