Your Health Business Partner: Occupational Health Services
Innovative workplace health solutions empowering high performing, healthy and happy employees.

We empower businesses develop and integrate health solutions that suit your business needs. 

Health solutions support:

Physical injury prevention program

Incorporation of manual handling training, personalised functional screening and long term individually personalised injury prevention programs. All encompassing holistic program includes: task assessments, job role demands, manual handling training, personal injury assessment, personalised injury prevention programs, hazard manual task  program.

Leadership mental well-being coaching

Leaders are often not the focus for mental wellbeing programs, however the leader is the linch pin for the success or failure of any mental wellbeing programs attempts to improve health outcome. Our leader coaching is to be a professional coach to develop with leadership skills.

Health Screening and Pre-employment medicals

Health screening assessments completed either pre employment or periodically during employment depending on the workplace hazards and requirements. 

Assessments: Audiometry, Spirometry, Functional, General Health options.

Fatigue management

Helping your workplace identify fatigue risk and implement custom solutions specific to your business needs.

Mental fitness workshop and programs

Mental health is a well know issue, but the best option is always prevention. Keeping good mental fitness is key in this. We offer custom solutions for your business which can include workshops, talks, one on one and courses. 

Injury treatment program

Injuries at work are not uncommmon, but early treatment can help prevent workerscompensation claims and return your workers back ASAP. We offer Exercise Physiology treatment to treat your workplace injuries – specifically musculoskeletal and mental health.

Injury management

Having all the right boxes checked during the return to work process is complicated, this is where we help employers manage their workers return to work safely and timely. 

Health Risk Assessment

To identify your health risk and registering to recommend an all encompassing health management program for your business. Reducing the risk of injury, loss of production and promoting positive workplace culture.

First aid management

First aid programs are something that needs to be maintained routinely – both equipment and first aider confidence. We help manage stock and provide scenario based workshops.

Health promotional content

Having a health and wellbeing callender is common place in workplaces, we help businesses develop content, strategies and workshops to promote good health and culture.

Employee exercise fitness program - including on demand videos through our app

We have an on demand holistic wellbeing program available for your employees, over 300 Pilates, yoga, recipes, exercises description, workshops, meditation and more available.

Ergonomic assessments

Workplaces present risk in the field and in the office, we offer custom assessments to your business needs to reduce the injury risk and strain on your employees. Work station assessments and task risk assessments.

Workplace assessment

When you have an injured worker a workplace assessment will review holistically the workplace to identify and clarify the risks the wokrplace is presenting to the employee and recommending solutions to encourage full recovery.

Functional assessment

A functional assessment can be completed to identify the correct functional restrictions when you have an injured worker in the workplace.

Drug and alcohol testing

Drug and alcohol screening for employers – routine, random and by cause.

Procedure development

We work with businesses to develop their health processes and procedures to manage their health risks.

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