From Pain to performing at your best program

From injured, in pain and sick to performing at life to your best, becoming the person  you have always wanted to be.

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People are frustrated with being controlled by their health problems so we are changing this

You know who you can be, that best version of yourself, being able to enjoy all the best parts of life. The problem is, your pain, injuries or aches or chronic health condition is holding you back. We designed this program to specifically address this problem and empower you to be your best version. 

How the program works

Everything you need to become pain free and be person you have always wanted to be

1. Personalised assessment of where you are now

Understanding where you are right now physically and mentally is important to being able to make progress.

2. Guided vision and goal setting

Putting in place where you want your life to be is important to having the energy and direction to achieve your goals.

3. Specific plan developed for you and take action with ongoing support

Putting a structured plan in place designed specifically for you and your goals to take action.

4. Build on your progress with guidance using our systems

Once you are started you will be supported throughout your progression to take the next step with confidence. We use our own designed system that enables your journey to progress your physical capacity and ability.

Pain to Performance Program is perfect for

Pain, aches and Injury recovery

Managing chronic health conditions

Managing mental health

Support to become their best

Create that life you have always wanted and not be held back by your health

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CUSTOM PROGRAM SPECIFIC TO YOU (including nutrition, movement and mindset)




Included is the pain to performance programs, resources books and more content that is being added to. 

You will have access to monthly online group calls. 

Discounted exercise equipment, events and workshops.

You will be included in a commuinity group of like minded people to talk with and grow together. 

See what our clients have to say

In the words of a veteran, Dan, who I have worked with for years now; "I went through 20 years of surgery, pain medication, physio, Chiro, massage and multiple other kinds of normal treatments". Within 6 months of working in active therapy - Exercise with Dan no longer suffered from sciatic pain, thoracic back pain, improved his day to day function and improved his mental health to the point he was now able to live his life now pain free. 
Julia has lost approximately 40 kg purely from the right exercise, eating healthy and enjoying the journey. Not to mention resolving crippling head aches, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow and general joint pain.
When Scott began with Brock from Peak Physiology, he described struggling to do his work shoes up without lower back pain and at one point he was told he was going to need surgery on this exact injury. Fast forward a couple months and Scott was running 10+ kms, lifting more then his body weight on a barbell and could even tie his shoe laces pain free without any surgery, massage or medication.

Your best option for living pain free or managing chronic disease

How long can you put off looking after your health and quality of life?

The only way to make long term changes is to identify where you are right now and have a systemised approach to improving your achieving your goals.
And this is where we can help you…

We use our own specifically designed 5 level system to take you from sick injured and in pain to performing at your best.

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