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Please know that, if you need to cancel to give at least 4 hours notice for an in studio booking, if you cancel with less than 4 hours notice you will be charged.

What to bring to your classes:

We supply mats but you’re welcome to bring your own, bring your own water, towel and grip socks.

As an option we also sell grip socks, water bottles and Pilates equipment we use throughout our classes.

Please arrive 10 minutes before a class, take your shoes off before you enter and leave them at the cubes with your things. 

Use this time for yourself so make sure your phones are off or on silent and with your things so you can enjoy your class from any distraction from the outside. 

Notify your instructor of any injuries, we like to do adjustments on you throughout the class to give you the best out of your experience so if you’re sore, injured or just don’t want to be touched please make sure you inform the instructor before the class.

At the end of every class we wipe down all the equipment that was borrowed and return it all back to its original spot.

Thank you .

Are you new to Pilates or you want to enhance your Pilates classes?

We have an online 10 day Beginners Program for only $30.00

This includes 10 prerecorded Pilates classes with a bonus stretch class and a short Ebook to give you all the fundamentals and tools you need to help achieve your greatest results.
Classes run from 15-30 minutes so you can fit them into your busy schedule.
Once you have purchased this program its yours to keep!

Class Descriptions


Pilates focuses on your pelvic floor and abdominals with incorporating your whole body, the movements are core based but you will feel like every muscle has been worked in every class ! These classes are mat based with the use of all types of equipment such as the Pilates ball, Magic circle, bands and weights. Pilates is a low impact exercise that helps strengthen your whole body while preventing injury, improving flexibility and tone.

Mature Movers 

Our Mature Mover Classes are designed for over 50’s, with all levels welcome we focus on strengthening the whole body with exercises that focus on the muscles around your joints, spine articulation and balance, all of our Mature Movers classes are mat based and low impact, we help you age gracefully and help you to live a pain free life so you can enjoy the things you love.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is designed to work through your fascia, bones, ligaments and connective tissue to release stored up energy and create space for the new. We hold poses for 3-5 minutes in this class with breathwork to relieve stress, lengthen the body, strengthen the immune system and open the energy system.
There is nothing like Yin, it works through the body unlike any other exercise, this is a great add on to your weekly workout schedule no matter what you do movement wise.

We use bolsters, straps, blocks and eye pillows throughout these classes

Barre Pilates

Barre Pilates is a fantastic workout for all levels of fitness, this class you will feel the burn as we plie and pulse our way to a stronger body. Not one muscle is untouched through this class,

This challenging class will have you wanting more as you will feel and see the results throughout your entire body!

Come and join us at the barre you won’t regret it.

Peak Physiology: 2/24 Yambo Street, Morisset NSW 2264