Kicking Cancers… Butt What Next?

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This is a book to help people going through or have been through remission of Cancer.

All the proceeds of this book is donated to Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.



This eBook was designed from my experience of surviving a brain tumour and my recommendations on how to deal with the time/life after surviving cancer.

This eBook will provide you with advise on how to look after you physical, mental and nutritional well being.


Whats included in this Ebook?

  • My Story
  • Now What
  • Setting Goals
  • Action Plan
  • Getting Back On Your Feet
  • 1x Upper Body Workout
  • 1x Lower Body Workout
  • Eat Your Way Through Recovery
  • Mental Health
  • Meditation Technique
  • Breathing Exercise
  • Debrief


5 reviews for Kicking Cancers… Butt What Next?

  1. Julie (verified owner)

    Very inspirational story
    Full of hope
    Easy to read and follow
    Will make a great tool for followers to help on journeys to recovery

    • brockmcinerney

      Thank you for feedback Julie!

  2. Julie Anne (verified owner)

    As Amy’s mum I watched her journey and was amazed with her strength to recovery
    She’s determined to help others and wrote this to help give hope

  3. Melanie Dunlop

    Wow what a beautiful person you are , thankyou for sharing your story , such an inspiration book to many !! I am looking forward to trying out your exercise program !!

  4. Leah (verified owner)

    I read your book. A very raw and vulnerable account of such a horrible and traumatic journey. You are truly amazing! So glad you have turned your mourning into dancing girl! What a triumphant end to that chapter, and I love that you are reaching out from experience to help others.
    You are so inspiring.
    Great little book.

  5. Leonie Buckman

    Wow Such an amazing young woman with so much spirit and strength.
    Amy, you are truly an inspiration

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