Premium Loop Bands

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These are premium resistance bands and will assist you in achieving results in shaping and toning through our Pilates classes, Exercise Physiology consults or home workouts!
They’re super easy to use and can even get results with just 10 minutes of use a day!
These are strong and durable! High quality fabric is delicately woven with unique stretch fibres to give a wide range of motion without losing any strength. These bands will never snap like rubber band alternatives. These bands are so comfortable and will never roll up or pull leg hair ! These bands are anti slip, the thick width and the latex grip on the inside ensures this!
You will receive 3 loop bands ranging from light, medium to hard resistance to ensure you have the perfect band for different exercises. Each band is also the same size. Each set comes with a convenient carry bag which is super handy for storing your bands as well as taking them wherever you like!
They are so affordable and worth every cent !
On sale at the moment from $39.95 down to $34.95 plus if you’re a member you will receive 10% off ! Message us if you’re a member to get your discount code!


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