Welcome to our 14 day strength challenge! You will receive 14 workouts to do over 14 days. This challenge starts on the 28th of November which you will have access to it until the 12th of December.

Equipment you will need:

Mat or something comfortable to lay on

1 or 2 kilo hand weights

5 & 7.5 kilo weight (approx, it doesn’t have to be exact)

Ankle/wrist weights (Also can be done without these)

Also please know for this 14 day challenge it can only be accessed via the link we send you on email not via our app, if you’re wanting the full experience on our app with the challenge which also includes over 250+ workouts, meal plans, sound healing, guided meditations, video recipes and more you can sign up to the online portal through our website.

This is a once of payment of $14.00 where you will receive a program and 15-30 minute daily classes to do starting November 28th, this challenge is designed to strengthen, tone and lengthen your entire body.


If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

Amy x