Sedentary behaviour – the risks of physical in-activity

Now more then ever, physical activity is definitely on the decline. Our work is generally becoming less laborious and technology is quickly eliminating household cleaning/cooking activities requiring physical activity.

This sedentary behaviour is leading to a rise in chronic disease and startling numbers of people diagnosed with a chronic disease (heart disease, diabetes, cancer) directly relating to sedentary behaviour.

Did you know that physical in-activity is the fourth largest cause of preventable deaths globally and one third of chronic disease burden was caused by sedentary behaviour in Australia.

So what is to be done, to help prevent the likelyhood of sedentary behaviour causing a chronic disease:

  1. Engage in a minimum of 150 minutes of planned activity on a weekly basis.
  2. Complete a range of cardiovascular based exercise and resistance based exercises throughout the week.
  3. Aim to add in more physical activity into your day – eg. park further away from the shop.

To stay health, maintaining movement every day is important.

Check out this page on the department of healths website for more information:


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