T-zone and activation

Your t-zone is your Transversus abdominal muscles and your pelvic floor. The best way to find your t-zone is laying on your back with your feet bent and hip distance apart, draw an imaginary line horizontally from one hip bone to the other, then draw a vertical line coming up from the pubic bone to meet the horizontal line. This is you t-zone!  Place your fingertips just on the inside of your hips bones and practice drawing the pelvic floor in and towards the spine. It’s a slow movement and comes with practice with Pilates.Throughout each exercise in Pilates this area needs to be activated, this prevents injury and helps with having correct form. After learning how to activate your t-zone in a Pilates class you can then bring it into your daily life routines, before picking something up, activate, sitting in the office at work, activate, even just walking around the house doing daily chores, concentrate on activation. This will build a stronger core that will help prevent injury.

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