Peak Physiology Client Testimonials

Meet Lisa - from frozen shoulder to pain free

Lisa started Pilates with Amy 2.5years ago, Lisa started seeing Brock for Exercise Physiology 6 months ago.
When she started with us Lisa had a frozen shoulder which caused her to be in a lot of pain, this limited her ability to lift up her arm and do day to day activities which we can sometimes take for granted. Lisa stated that even getting dressed was a struggle.

Fast forward to now ! 

Lisa has attended her weekly Pilates and engaged in Exercise Physiology treatment to the point where she no longer has a frozen shoulder 🙌🏼👏 and is able to do most tasks without struggle or pain !!

Lisa you are amazing and we love having you here at Peak Physiology! Keep up the great work 🤗

Meet Scott - transformation in body and function

And not your normal kind of progress pics. When Scott began with Brock from Peak Physiology, he described struggling to do his work shoes up without lower back pain and at one point he was told he was going to need surgery on this exact injury.

And when you look at the photos, the changes in posture tells the storey:

▪️The before pictures (October) show rounded forward, forward head position, winged scapular and uneven shoulders.

▪️The after pictures (February) show upright posture, even shoulder height, neutral scapular, abdominal control and neutral head position.

Fast forward a couple months and Scott was running 10+ kms, lifting more then his body weight on a barbell and could even tie his shoe laces pain free without any surgery, massage or medication. ?️‍♂️
With the right exercise rehab, you can achieve long term increases in quality of life.

If you are interested to see what results you can achieve send us a message to find out how our Exercise Physiologist could help you.

Because life can be so much better pain free!

Meet Christopher - From Pain to Pain free

Christopher came into Peak Physiology with lower back, knee and shoulder pain. Here is his journey to being pain free-

As I entered my seventieth year I had been becoming aware on the reduced flexibility of my body accompanied by pain particularly in my shoulders, neck and knees.

Having been active throughout my whole life, and still able to lift, pull and push as required, I have been inclined to accept this gradual deterioration as being inevitable.

The medical profession has generally referred to “inflammation” as the cause of the various pains without being able to provide a solution, except to offer me Cortisone injections and painkillers.

Since early 2019 I have undertaken a substantial change in my diet to a whole food plant-based diet. This has enabled me to reduce, and now cease to need medication that I have been taking for several years pretty much without question, for high cholesterol and blood pressure.

When looking for a more natural treatment for my joint pains I felt I should give exercise therapy a fair try before considering medical intervention.

So I consulted Brock McInerney at Peak Physiology. I have had three sessions with Brock since September this year.

After the first session I was given a set of exercises to do daily which focused pretty much on the specific pains I had been experiencing.

These were basically stretches and movements. What I discovered was that I had been underestimating how much my movements had been deteriorating over several years.

It takes a bit of effort and time but the impact of the exercises was almost immediate in terms of relief of pain and freedom of movement.

The second session was a review of progress, some instructions on technique and posture and some additional exercises to broaden the impact. The outcome has been that I now have a suite of exercises and stretches which keep me moving freely.
The third session focused on reinforcing the postural changes and adding some simple weight exercises to build strength. I feel that this is important to resist the tendency of older people to slowly slip into frailty.
Overall I feel that the service provided by Brock is a valuable therapy, in giving the client the tools and knowledge to take their physical wellbeing into their own hands.

“I only wish I had’ve started earlier.”
– Christopher

Meet Julie - weight loss champion!

Great to see clients progressing from Exercise Physiology. Julia has lost approximately 40 kg purely from the right exercise, eating healthy and enjoying the journey.

Not to mention resolving crippling head aches, lower back pain, plantar fascitis, tennis elbow and general joint pain. We still have some goals to hit, but she is working hard both with Exercise Physiology and now Pilates classes.

Get in touch if you are interested to see how we can help you in your journey to living the life you want to live.