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We want to help you go from pain, injury and/or illness to performing to your potential

Getting it right for you

Anyone who ha had an injury or illness have most likely gone though multiple treatments, time and money in the normal medical system. Only to find themselves worse off no just the same.

in the words of a veteran, Dan, who I have worked with for years now; “I went through 20 years of surgery, pain medication, physio, Chiro, massage and multiple other kinds of normal treatments”. Within 6 months of working in active therapy – Exercise with Dan no longer suffered from sciatic pain, thoracic back pain, improved his day to day function and improved his mental health to the point he was now able to live his life now pain free. 

Of course there are days where some minor pains and aches come back, but all in all Dan is living a life pain free and performing to the standard of life that suits him and his families needs.

Your best option for living pain free or managing chronic disease

How long can you put off looking after your health and quality of life?

 Passive treatments such as manual therapy are great but will never be a substitute for using Exercise as treatment and medicine. 

Passive treatments are never a cure – you might feel better for 24 hours or so, but then the pain will return… 

But get yourself the right exercise program for you, and you can improve your quality of life!

The only way to make long term changes is to identify the weak points in your body and have a systemised approach to improving your weak points.

And this is where we can help you…

Develop a goal and vision

Develop your goals of where you want to be and a vision of the life you want to live.

Identify and assess

Assess and identify where you are right now.

Take action

Follow the program provided from Peak Physiology to get you to the next level.


Continual repeating this cycle will end in a successful completion of your goals.

The 5 level system, to a new you...

The Peak Physiology system is a unique rehabilitation and conditioning program. Our system is unique not just in the methods used but with our 5 level system that we have developed. 

Is pain, injury or chronic disease keeping you from living life to its fullest? But don’t have the time to do something for yourself?

This is why we created the 5 level system and made it available online. We want to empower people to live their life they have always wanted to live. And anyone who has been through a injury or chronic disease knows how valuable being free to live life on your own terms really is.

I have been through this process myself. After years of training and thinking I knew what I was doing, it was all thrown into the air when I snapped my ACL, MCL and went under the knife with a knee reconstruction.

After the frustration of standard treatment methods and limited useful information online I took this into my own hands to learn all about my body, how it worked and now perform even better despite having and injury. 

The interesting thing I found when I began testing my methods on clients was the 5 Level System worked on them also when the principles were applied to their injuries. And to be honest I am sometimes surprised how well people are actually recovering from long term injuries… I had 1 lady who had chronic neck pain for 40 years, we completed the assessments, provided a program and the next session I seen her, her neck pain was gone. This particular lady advised she had spent thousands and thousands of dollars over the years trying physiology, massage, Chiro and specialists appointments with little to no improvement. These passive therapies are what I call band-aides, they may hold back some of the symptoms of an injury for a day but they are not improving the root cause of the issue. The issue is always much deeper then the spot that is currently in pain.

Now it seems to good to be true, but the reason this method we have developed and tested is so effective is we look at the body as one system. We assess how your lifestyle factors, movement, posture, work, stressors, medical history and mental health link into your current physical state. When you piece all these factors together, the program that is right for the you will be obvious.

And … when you have the right treatment program for you, then you will be shocked how quickly you can improve.

5 Level system explained:

Everyone fits somewhere on the table below, but first we need to understand where on this table you sit. Once we identify where you are on the 5 level system, then we have a clear path forward and milestones to achieve before we can move onto the next stage.

Now this is why we call this the pain to performance system. It can take you for being in pain, sick or injured all the way to performing in life the way that fulfils your needs.

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Start your journey today to go from pain to performance!

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Frequently asked questions

Exercise Physiology is a Allied Health Professional who treats clients with muscular-skeletal injuries and pain, chronic disease and people who want to increase their performance or health.

Here at Peak Physiology we use our own 5 stage system to take people from where they are now to where they want to be. This includes a comprehensive assessment, programming that is designed to take the person to the next level and then reassessing and adjusting the persons treatment program. This same process is then followed once the you are freed  from injury or an illness and wanting to start to perform in life to a level that suits you.

Yes, if you can use a “smart phone” then you can use the app. Check out our options to sign up that suits your needs.

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In this age, people seem to have less time and need solutions to their problems that can be done with ease. So we decided to help as many people as we can, we needed to make our services more accessible.

Yes you can, please use our contact us section just above to get in contact with us and work out some options.

Our clients say

ulia has lost approximately 40 kg purely from the right exercise, eating healthy and enjoying the journey.

Not to mention resolving crippling head aches, lower back pain, plantar fascitis, tennis elbow and general joint pain. We still have some goals to hit, but she is working hard both with Exercise Physiology and now Pilates classes.

Weight loss journey
When she started with us Lisa had a frozen shoulder which caused her to be in a lot of pain, this limited her ability to lift up her arm and do day to day activities which we can sometimes take for granted. Lisa stated that even getting dressed was a struggle. Lisa has attended her weekly Pilates and engaged in Exercise Physiology treatment to the point where she no longer has a frozen shoulder and is able to do most tasks without struggle or pain !!
Frozen shoulder
When Scott began with Brock from Peak Physiology, he described struggling to do his work shoes up without lower back pain and at one point he was told he was going to need surgery on this exact injury. Fast forward a couple months and Scott was running 10+ kms, lifting more then his body weight on a barbell and could even tie his shoe laces pain free without any surgery, massage or medication.
Chronic Back Pain
As I entered my seventieth year I had been becoming aware on the reduced flexibility of my body accompanied by pain particularly in my shoulders, neck and knees. Having been active throughout my whole life, and still able to lift, pull and push as required, I have been inclined to accept this gradual deterioration as being inevitable. So I consulted Brock McInerney at Peak Physiology. I have had three sessions with Brock since September this year. After the first session I was given a set of exercises to do daily which focused pretty much on the specific pains I had been experiencing. These were basically stretches and movements. What I discovered was that I had been underestimating how much my movements had been deteriorating over several years. It takes a bit of effort and time but the impact of the exercises was almost immediate in terms of relief of pain and freedom of movement. The second session was a review of progress, some instructions on technique and posture and some additional exercises to broaden the impact. The outcome has been that I now have a suite of exercises and stretches which keep me moving freely. The third session focused on reinforcing the postural changes and adding some simple weight exercises to build strength. I feel that this is important to resist the tendency of older people to slowly slip into frailty. Overall I feel that the service provided by Brock is a valuable therapy, in giving the client the tools and knowledge to take their physical wellbeing into their own hands. “I only wish I had’ve started earlier.”
Chronic Back Pain