What is Barre Attack?

Barre is a full body workout with a dynamic fusion of Pilates, Ballet and fitness that’s low impact.

For all you HIIT junkies out there this is great news! It’s a fun and effective workout for you! Just like Pilates, it will complement your other workouts! 

Barre Attack focuses on the results of better muscle endurance and joint stability. Barre attack like Pilates is strong on technique and performing exercises correctly requiring on concentration.

This exercise is fat fighting! After completing one of these classes you will see there is nothing soft about ballet. This will also dramatically improve your posture, flexibility and mobility. Every minute comes from the core and you will feel it in every muscle with not one being untouched, when i said it was a full body workout i meant it!

There are modifications and adjustments for all levels so don’t let a bad knee or dodgy shoulder deter you from this exercise, pregnant ladies and all! 

What to expect?

Renee Scott the founder of Barre Attack describes this as the perfect way to help with gaining a longer, leaner and fitter look what some people call a ‘greater body confidence’

But not only do I believe its the perfect way to help with gaining a longer, leaner and fitter look, Barre is also great for over all cardiac and muscular health as not everyone is trying for the longer, leaner look, some people just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle which is why Barre is suited to everyone. 

Before the class you need to inform the instructor if you have any injuries, health issues or that you’re pregnant.You should wear comfortable workout gear and barefoot or grippy socks, in the studio that offers the Barre class there will be fixed barres running down the wall. Each person will have their own spot on the barre and throughout the class you stay in that spot almost always. Throughout the class there may be some extra equipment such as a band, small weights, mat or Pilates Ball. Depending on the class you can be using up to all of these, or none.

The instructor will be visible throughout the class they will demonstrate the exercise and walk around to make sure everyone is doing the correct form and technique. The music is held at 128bmp and will start with a warm up then will follow with a mix of cardio, barre and have different sections of stretching.

Throughout the class you can have one, two or no hands on the barre, you will be focusing on your breathing and technique. The idea in the class is to just have fun and don’t over do it!

There maybe people around you that have been doing Barre for years so no need to compare yourself just enjoy yourself. 

After your first class you will be feeling muscles you never thought you had! It’s challenging but the more you show up and give it your best the better you will get and the more results you will see and feel !

Amy McInerney

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  1. Patricia Ford

    Good morning I am interested in your Barre Attack Class next Wednesday evening.Could you please tell me how much.I live inToronto and this looks like exactly what I need.

    1. brockmcinerney

      Hi Patricia,

      Yes of course, please send us a facebook message or call us to confirm your booking.

      Classes are $18 per class or $75 for a 5 pack!

      We look forward to speaking to you soon and seeing you in at Peak Physiology.

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