When can your doctor refer you to an Exercise Physiology

A common question we get asked is when can my doctor refer me to an Exercise Physiologist. Well firstly, anyone can come and see an Exercise Physiologist and get great benefit. Exercise is medicine and an exercise physiologist is the best placed allied health professional to prescribe exercise for chronic injury and disease, promote a healthy lifestyle and increase physical performance/function.

Reasons for doctors to refer your to an Exercise Physiologist:

  1. You have a chronic and ongoing injury or suffer from chronic pain
  2. You suffer from chronic disease – (heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, pulmonary disease for example)
  3. Promotion of physical activity
  4. Increase mobility, function and or reduce the risk of falls
  5. Improve your outcomes during and post cancer treatment
  6. Reduce the risk of chronic pain, injury or chronic disease
  7. Improve your mental health

And these are just a few reasons why. Exercise is something that everyone can benefit from and should be encouraged.

If you are interested in seeing an Exercise Physiologist, get in contact with us and we can help direct you in the right direction either for referrals through your doctor or private based consultations.


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