Why stress is good…

It may seem like a strange statement to make, and it’s not all kinds of stress we are talking about. Stress comes in varying degrees, a scale of some sorts that is individual to you.

At one end of the scale you have zero stress – life is weightless so to speak and the other is your absolute limit of what you can cope with either physically, emotionally and mentally.

Now both extreme end of this stress continuum are harmful to us and in the middle is what you could call the growth spot. Stress is what makes us grow stronger in life physically and mentally and the more stress you can deal with the stronger you become.

Stress is how adaptation happens.For example physically we adapted from the stress place on our body during a workout and working through tough times/challenges is for our minds.

The fact that stress is a subjective and individual rating, the key is using a tool to deal with stress to develop strength and resilience. And you would already have may tools you use to deal with stress and grow from it. Sometimes it is just recognising and remembering these tools so you can bring them out when needed the most.

Whether it is in the gym, life or a challenge you are working through the stress opens a door for growth or a door for standing still.

The question is – if you are stressed physically, emotionally or mentally how will you turn it into a growth opportunity?


What are the 3 things you do that help you relax/enjoy yourself? And don’t forget to keep doing these things even through the toughest of times.

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