Why you should act on that muscle twinge, tightness or pain you recently experienced.

From time to time everyone is likely to feel a twinge, some muscle tightness or pain in our bodies. And these are not just random events, this is the bodies smoke signals, telling you something is not right. Never ignore the messages your body tells you and take action on putting those little fires out before they become uncontained.

You might have heard the saying Rome wasn’t built in a day, well rome also was ruined in a day. It took hundreds of years for Rome’s empire to break down. Even though this is on a bigger time frame then our time on this earth, the metaphor is relevant to explain how Rome was decayed over time. One slip here, another one over there, eventually Rome was on a downward spiral and the empire was in jeopardy.

We can say the same for our bodies, if we have, over time, a reduction in physical activity, wear and tear from a misaligned posture and just plain ineffective movement patterns, our body is going to decay.

So what I suggest is  simple things to address and hopefully prevent decay of our physical condition:

  1. Take note of your posture and correct accordingly
    • Take steps to ensure your static and dynamic posture is aligned
  1. Do not stay in the same position/posture for longer than 45 minutes at a time. (Besides sleeping of course)
    • One of the easiest ways to preserve our physical health is don’t stay still for to long. And I am not just saying this in regards to chronic disease reasons, but also our muscular skeletal system. Consistent variations in posture is vital
    • If you work in an office, alternate between a sit to stand desk as a quick change you can make.
  1. Exercise. Do something, at minimum get out and go for a walk, ride or anything that is in your capacity to do so.

If you want further assistance in terms of knowing what to do optimally for you and your situation, give us a call and we can help you through to improving your physical condition.

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